10 Dec 2016 | From Arrive Alive
A man died, a woman and child were critically injured and another man sustained minor injuries in a collision between two cars on the N1 north by the Maraisburg offramp this evening. ER24 paramedics attended to the incident and found a man trapped in one of the vehicle. Sadly there was nothing that
10 Dec 2016 | Road Safety in the Media
Four people have died and 18 others injured in a collision between a truck and a taxi on the N1 close to the Brandfort offramp about 20/30km from Bloemfontein direction Johannesburg this evening. ER24 and other services attended to the incident and found patients scattered across the scene. Sadly
10 Dec 2016 | Road Safety in the Media
Two men were left in a critical condition and two others sustained moderate when the driver lost control of the vehicle at Fiona and Du Toit Streets in Horizon, west of Johannesburg this evening. ER24 paramedics as well as other services attended to the scene and found the vehicle against a tree. The
Driving in Winter / Driving on Snow and Ice
Driving in winter may be hazardous for the unprepared and inexperienced driver. Although South Africa is not as well known...
Safe Driving in the Fog and Mist
Introduction and Background Driving in fog and mist requires special caution. It is believed that this environmental road...
Transportation Of People On Goods Vehicles
This subject is like the proverbial bad penny – it keeps turning up, and although it always crops up after another...
Other Drivers
BEWARE OF OTHER DRIVERS It is always important to remember that the road belongs to everyone, and that the motorist has...
Spark Plugs and Safety on the Road
Introduction: Most motorists have at some stage seen spark plugs in vehicles – but apart from the obvious “spark”...
Quad Bikes and Children
Background Information. Much is being done to protect the younger generation from the dangers of underage driving –...
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