25 Oct 2016 | From Arrive Alive
A Paraglider has sustained serious injuries after he hit  a wall on 1st Avenue in Sundra,  Mpumalanga. It’s believed that the man was  landing at the time when he accidentally hit a wall and sustained serious injuries. Netcare911 paramedics worked alongside paramedics from
25 Oct 2016 | Road Safety Highlights
Today, 25 October 2016 at about 8.00 members from the National Mobile Train Unit were conducting crime prevention duties in the Verulam area when they followed up on information about suspected stolen vehicles and illegal firearms at High street in Verulam. The members went to the identified premises
25 Oct 2016 | From Arrive Alive
Shortly after 11h00 on Tuesday, the Marshall Security Emergency Contact Centre, received a panic call from a client in Highlands Road in the suburb of Parkhill, north of Durban. The frantic caller stated that her beloved family dog, a female Labrador, had been chasing monkeys in her yard, when it
Road Accidents and Personal Accident Insurance and Benefits
Introduction to Accidents & Personal Accident Insurance Road crashes have a significant impact on the lives of South...
Safe Driving and Towing a Trailer Safely
Introduction to trailers and safer driving in South Africa In many recent crash reports a trailer is found somewhere on...
Texting and Distracted Driving
Introduction and Background Distracted driving is described as an epidemic sweeping our roads. This topic is receiving...
Safe Driving Techniques
Safe Driving Techniques and Road Safety A driver’s licence is a privilege – but no guarantee that the owner...
Advantages of Bicycle Commuting
Advantages of Bicycle Commuting The introduction of a culture of bicycle commuting in South Africa has not come at a...
Road Rage
Introduction It was during the early 1980s that the term “road rage” first surfaced in the media.  Because...
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