26 Aug 2016 | Road Safety in the Media
A man sustained moderate injuries this morning after his truck overturned on the Outeniqua Pass near George in the western Cape. ER24 paramedics, along with another service, arrived on the scene and found the large truck lying on its side. The load of coal that the truck had been carrying was
26 Aug 2016 | Road Safety Highlights
No injuries were reported after a vehicle rolled on Marine drive in Margate. This accident happened during the early hours of this morning. Netcare911 paramedics were the first on scene to assess the occupants of the vehicle
25 Aug 2016 | From Arrive Alive
ER24 paramedics were dispatched to Meredale, south of Johannesburg, to attend to a patient who had been shot earlier today. Upon arrival at the scene, paramedics found a man believed to be between his 20's/30's lying in a bush between some houses.  Upon assessment
Fixed Wing Emergency Air Evacuation
[For direct immediate dispatch / instant air ambulance airborne. (0825558222) “24/7”] Introduction Aerocare...
Definitions And Explanatory Notes
Definitions and Explanatory Notes The following definitions and explanatory notes are provided to clarify some of the terms...
Guronsan® C Drowsy Driver Quiz
Test your knowledge about drowsy driving : ANSWER TRUE OR FALSE Write your answers down on a piece of paper next to...
Trucking Wellness & HIV Treatment
Introduction  Herewith some information about the excellent work performed by the Trucking Wellness Programme over...
Fuel Type Estimated"/>
2003 TRAFFIC OFFENCE SURVEY:: Comprehensive Report on Fatal Crash Statistics and Road Traffic Information
03-TRAFFIC-OFFENCE-SURVEY-Comprehensive-Report-on-Fatal-Crash-Statistics-and-Road-Traffic-Information-17ding=0 width="100%"...
Road Safety for Women Driving Alone
Introduction Women are regarded in the insurance industry as ‘’safer” drivers and less likely to...
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